Scope of services

Container transportation organization

Container transport, send jobs, transit operations and delivery jobs can be divided into vision part in railway container transport organization, for example:
refers to the station, sending job prior to shipment of the freight operation, including container lift before the Organization and the carrier back to work before they are shipped. Including shippers to explicitly use the container transport conditions and regulations, must be in the specified container handling stations, press: date of carriage provided for in processing: stations receive, review, boxing, and so on.
container transport, transit job apart from the station to the forms, also container passing the relay to the station. Transfer stations will reach rapid transit container task is responsible for where, equipped with our station continued to arrive.
3, and delivered job
is refers to shipment container of truck to yard Hou need handle of truck and to owner handle delivered procedures, work, specific including truck job, delivered job, railway freight member according to station of truck plans timely by row shelf, and check AWB, and waybill, and mount listing and container box,, and printing seal, whether * to, and need by box check, truck; finished Hou fill in arrived records/last, by freight room notification shipping people. , Door to door container freight by railway, together with the consignee's agent check box, check * box seals, '' stitch after confirmation, issuance of door-to-door transport operations and sign papers.