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How to avoid problems with moving surcharge

Owners often encountered in the process of moving one way or another the surcharge, and how to prevent problems in handling workers are demanding a fare increase moved it, hope the following tips to resolve problems for the owners.
in front of the moving attention to the weather, in case of bad weather you can inform the company in advance, be sure to move on this day, that moving company first negotiated.
before the moving company comes and wants to handling goods packed.
new parking spaces where explicitly tell moving company.
to package items are compressed as much as possible, reducing the volume of cars, a car do not use in cases of two cars.
move planned before moving time and traffic, avoid the rush hour and traffic congestion.
there is one carton on their own at home, moving companies provide cartons or packing slip service is not free.
long distance transport always involves transit fees, when cost-effective, practical considerations will be integrated in the end is what road.