Scope of services

Accept link in parts

⑴ confirmed parts date of supply and demand. Parts supplier delivery time needed staff in consultation with the purchase order to meet industrial enterprises based on forecast demand or orders from customers of the corresponding parts in order to achieve the lowest inventory cost, or may even cause confusion of the order procedure.
b and warehousing Department to coordinate delivery. Warehouse Department receives a large number of items every day, unloading, acceptance, deployment of information operations, transportation, warehouse space. As a temporary measure to prevent the Treasury did not receive the plan rejected, causing suppliers waiting for a long time.
c notify the supplier delivery. After two you can notify the supplier delivery, in exceptional cases, without timely notice to stop the delivery of spare parts, and compensation to the supplier.
d the Treasury accepted and parts warehouse. Warehouse receiving, and parts storage packing list for check if information is complete (including parts of the contract, type, quantity, and so on); receiving number checking shipping documents and packing slip document; check the packaging and appearance; the contract corresponds to check; unloading; inventory of parts handling warehousing filled out "items (parts) of incoming documents"; spare parts storage information input in the storage system. Only the inspection of parts can be put in storage.
⑸ inspection issue. As suppliers or order for personnel reasons, components receiving link following issue may occur: parts and specifications in the contract is not the same as, the number of parts that are not specified in the contract shipping and delivery dates are wrong, parts of packing quality does not meet the requirements of. Test questions will be adequately addressed. BACK PAGE