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When he moved six tips for packing

In the process of moving, and Beijing moving company should remind you some tips:
1. never start.
things you don't often use packing such as: books, out of season clothing and is not commonly used for food, ornaments.
2. packing one room a room arrangement.
This is not chaos, so packages don't mix a few rooms.
3. weight of heavy items in small boxes, bulky goods of big boxes.
books and porcelain, mounted after the big box when handling very demanding, so pack a small box is better.
4. item name label on the carton.
packing be sure to put the names of the objects and the new room number marked on the box.
5. when packing do not leave gaps.
space the box, objects during handling will collide and cause damage. If there are gaps, can be fixed with newspapers when the buffer objects.
6. not too much or too full.
hold just too much boxes easily deformed, resulting in damage, if too full in stacked boxes may not balance collapses, it is dangerous. BACK PAGE