Scope of services

What issues need attention in the process of moving

1. when making your reservation be sure to tell the size number of moving furniture, and appliance specification, quantity, the amount of debris, so that the moving company estimate correctly and suitable vehicles and manpower. But also to avoid contradictions in the process of moving.
2. appointment when the moving company, be sure to tell your phone and handling address details or contact, avoid waste too much time looking for it.
3. before you make an appointment, accurate estimation of the furniture need lifting, how difficult, so that moving companies are fully prepared.
4. perishable fresh goods, to long-distance transport, should be avoided in case, prior to moving to control procurement volume.
5. family pets, such as cats, dogs, fish, a living animal, please take it with you.
6 ... in move should pay special attention to the missing items, all items are all loading, must themselves carry valuables.
7. during transportation, at least two people in the House, such a command in the House Porter, another side note items on the bus.
8. during transportation, do not tell Porter talk too much, not to say degrading Porter, it is agreeable to maintain their pleasant, since such staff will treat your items carefully.
9. in accepting the goods shipped to, make sure you square up, check whether the omission. BACK PAGE